Diploma in Office Automation (DOA)


 To know about the complete process that how computer works, we will have to come across the various terms such as Data, Processing and Information. First of all we will have to understand these terms in true sense.  DATA: - “Data” is nothing but a mare collection of basic facts and figure without any sequence. When the data is collected as facts and figure, it has no meaning at that time, for example, name of student, names of employees etc.  PROCESSING: - ‘Processing’ is the set of instruction given by the user or the related data to output the meaningful information. Which can be used by the user? The work of processing may be the calculation, comparisons or the decision taken by the computer. INFORMATION: - ‘Information ’is the end point or the final output of any processed work. When the output data is meaning it is called information.  Any digital computer carries out five functions in gross terms:  Takes data as input.  Stores the data/instructions in its memory and use them when required.  Processes the data and converts it into useful information.  Generates the output  Controls all the above four steps.  Generation in computer terminology is a change in technology a computer is/was being used. Initially, the generation term was used to distinguish between varying hardware technologies.  But nowadays, generation includes both hardware and software, which together make up an entire computer system. There are totally five computer generations known till date. Each generation has been discussed in detail along with their time period and characteristics.  Here approximate dates against each generations have been mentioned which are normally accepted.  The main advantage of a laptop computer versus a desktop computer is its mobility as well as its reduced size. On the other hand, the price is generally higher for slightly less impressive performance and the laptop's hardware configuration is much less adaptable, even though it is possible to connect additional external peripherals thanks to its numerous I/O ports. Therefore, the motivation for buying a laptop computer must above all be a need for mobility or a need to save space.  Moreover, with the emergence of wireless networks, and WiFi in particular, it is becoming very easy to connect to the Internet in public Hot-Spots or simply in any room of your home as long as it is equipped with a WiFi terminal.  For advanced multimedia uses (e.g. digital video manipulation, connecting a digital camera or an mp3 player, etc.), the choice should fall on both the computer's performance (both graphic as well as computing power) and on the types and number of I/O ports that are available.

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